Did you know that the 44% of millennials are most likely to promote a product when rewarded?
Did you know that 6 out of 10 online adults have and Instagram account?
Did you know that there are 8 million registered businesses using Instagram business profiles?

These 3 brands know and clearly have it all mastered.


From this brand’s founding in 1934, an era when people haven’t even heard of the internet, it has appealed to young men everywhere and still continues to today. Old Spice broke down barriers across all generations, down to today’s millennials. For one, Old Spice’s approach in marketing was always to go viral by focusing on the fans first. They give them “the man you could smell like” through different art campaigns on Instagram. This earned the brand 87,443 avid product and Instagram followers.



Step it up, cookie fans…

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The fastest growing Instagram account of 2013 achieved by making the audience choose a side, #cookiethis or #cremethis. Oreo seeded content from the online participants by creating Oreo sculptures of their precious moments. This populated Oreo’s Instagram account with around 150 content posts following the Superbowl ad that announced the campaign.



Fresh roses in the @Chanelofficial factory in Grasse #newchanel5 #chanelgrasse #jemercedxchanel

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By partnering with both traditional celebrities and high-reach influencers, Chanel garnered exposure over 9 million people. The brand was over to populate New York Fashion week with over 1,600 published online content in a week. Everybody knew about the new Chanel No. 5 L’Eau before it was out on the market.

The success of these brands goes to show that social media is still one of the most active drivers of sales and is a big player in the game. Visual content still continues to dominate in terms of engagement and there’s no other social media platform leading in visual content today aside from Instagram. Instagram is all about visual content, from allowing users to create an online gallery of captured moments to showcasing different forms of art through photos. Consumers get to feel that they know the brand that they are choosing through the content they see on Instagram. Not only these contents tell a hundred sides to the story, they create a gateway to connecting to target audiences across the world.

Establishing your brand on Instagram today is a lot more different from before. There have been a lot of new modifications in the social media platform that help brands to strategize and tailor-fit content to the audience to make the brand more engaging online. Here are a few guidelines today that would come in handy:

1. Make it all about your brand, not Instagram.

Being on Instagram is good. Being active on Instagram is even better. But, as much as Instagram is an established brand, you cannot make it all about your brand being on Instagram. It is not a collaboration with the brand, it is a tool for you to utilize and establish your presence. Create your brand’s own voice, curate your brands posts (Most brands on Instagram use only 1 filter for all posts for uniformity.) and listen to what your followers are telling you.

2. Use Instagram Insights.

Your brand’s Instagram activity and your audience behavior are all measured through data. With Instagram’s Insights, make sure you keep track of this and use it for improving future posts. This tool is free and helpful so it is advisable to use to your brand’s advantage.

3. Post and promote across other social media platforms.

Instagram posts can also be shared among other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Create more noise and open more opportunities to drive traffic to your brand’s Instagram page.

4. Engage with hashtags.

Use interactive hashtags and encourage your audience to use them. Aside from that, research for relevant hashtags that are widely used on Instagram to get a wider reach. You may also run promos and campaigns that encourage your followers to use hashtags that involve their friends. Ask them to tag their friends, create a hashtag with your brand name, anything! Get them on board the Instagram game and reward them to pin down that online connection going.

5. Know the rules.

Instagram’s trademarks, including Instagram, the Instagram logo, the Instagram glyph and app logos, InstaMeet, InstaStop, Insta, gram, IG, Boomerang, the Instagram filter names, as well as the Hyperlapse logo, Layout logo and Boomerang logo, are owned by Instagram and may only be used as provided in these guidelines or with Instagram’s permission. A list of some of Instagram’s trademarks can be found here.

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There are over 700 million Instagram users in the world today.

With an average of 400 million active users every day, Instagram is a social media platform that every digital marketer continue to try their best to get their hands on. There is no denying that a picture could paint a thousand words and in Instagram’s case, these words equate to engagement and conversions – making brands, sales and digital marketers happy. There is a pool of opportunities in the Instagram sphere. Don’t miss that marketing opportunity.