For centuries, product placement has been done in movies. In the cinema industry, it has become a norm to have brands sponsor movies. This practice has been very beneficial for brands as it actually drive sales from a vast audience. Putting their product in the next blockbuster has becoming essential for some brands.

It is important for the movie to integrate these products seamlessly in the narrative. Viewers tend to reject a movie that already lacks relatable or realistic elements. A hard sell line up of product placement or its improper inclusion to the plot of the movie is very noticeable. One example of this is the movie “Internship”. This movie gave the audiences the impression of seeing merely a 2-hour long ad about Google, making the movie get bad reviews.

Some movies understand it perfectly while others make it too obvious that it even ruins the quality of the film.


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Photo courtesy: Dreamworks/Paramount

It has become one of the most famous movie-series with product placement. In 4 films, there were more than 220 brands present. While some of these were included properly just like the Chevrolet Camaro being one of the main characters of the movie, others received the award of the worst product placement. Being present in one of the most successful movie worldwide can be a great way to increase your market but if not done properly, it can affect it badly.

James Bond
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Photo courtesy: MGM/Columbia

James Bond is famous for being associated with Vodka Martini. Most people of the world think about Martini when they talk about James Bond and vice-versa. So when Heineken replaced Martini in James Bond Skyfall, it was a huge surprise for the fans of the movie-series. Heineken paid more than 45 million dollars to be presented and to gain a more prestigious image.

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Photo courtesy: 20th Century Fox

i-Robot was elected the worst product placement for its 10 minute products show off at the beginning of the movie. Will Smith even said the model and the year of release of his Converse.

Today, product placement is an industry that valued for more than 16 billion dollars. Some of the new ways of using product placements are appearing on social media via influencers. They build a partnership with a brand and promote the products on their pages to attract their fans.