Facebook continues to fulfill our social media satisfaction by progressively improving and adding features to our Best Overall social media platform. Just last month, Facebook launched cover videos to give way to more creative and engaging content for users to play with. With the rise of video content as the most engaging form of media content on the internet today, Facebook surely stays on top of the game by giving its users more options to express their creativity and engage target audiences through videos.

Cover videos may be used in 5 different ways:

1. Branding
For brands with very distinct branding elements, using cover photos to dominate the Facebook page is good for brand recall and cohesiveness. This could be done through an animated video of the brand’s design elements or a short ad-type video of playing with the brand’s logo.

2. Promote
Cover videos would be best used to give a target audience a preview of the feel and what to expect from an upcoming event, activity, contest or a promo. Now you can upload a teaser to keep your audience engaged and with a better chance of conversion towards participating to what you have to offer.

3. Vouch for Credibility
With a video readily available for you when you first pay a visit to a company’s Facebook page, corporate brands can now veer away from producing long content to explain what they do and prove how much of an expert they are in what they do. The online audience today have the ability to assess media content and voice out their opinion online. Create a trust-worthy video content and let the audience do the talking.

4. Give a Deeper “Preview” of your Business
Create a product feature or give a tour of your company. Create 360 product videos, a product review or a short product-centric ad. Whatever floats your boat, make sure that you take advantage of this amazing platform to showcase what you have to offer and just put the word out there!

5. Engage with Your Target Market
Now your promos and contests can make a bigger noise online. Show them the mechanics and share the excitement with them through a video invite! You may also create video testimonials from clients instead of featuring them in your social media posts. Better yet, hype them through an engaging video with an influential brand ambassador!

To inspire you to explore and utilize this feature, here are 3 brands who have already took advantage of cover videos!


Feel Desain

Acceler8 PH