Since the internet had been intertwined with everyone’s daily lives, consumers have been thirsty for information that they can find online – and just about anything under the internet’s hemisphere. Google and Yahoo were two of the pioneering platforms to open and let everyone access as much information there is in the web.

Thus, consumers seek for news, daily updates, social connections, entertainment and different kinds of information they can indulge with online. With the increase of traffic among curious consumers; content-heavy websites emerged. These are websites that contain different types of media content, curated for specific interests.

Here are some of the top curated content-heavy websites that a lot of us information-hoarders and internet-indulgers have been following for years now:

  1. BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed focuses on the most shareable breaking news, original reporting and video. It is one of the platforms today that has the most viral humor posts spread and contributed by people from all over the world. Originally a news and entertainment website, this American internet media company emerged to be “The Media Company for the Social Age”. It has become a home for memes, GIFS, quick tests and just about anything trending in the social media culture.

  1. Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog was established for journalistic writing in 2010 by an American entrepreneur and media strategist. The content produced by Thought Catalog are for very light and enriching reads in form of listicles, essays and think pieces. The contributors of Thought Catalog spoke of issues and thoughts that most people don’t talk about or doesn’t have anyone to talk about with. Thus, this website was popularly coined as the “millennial voice”.

  1. Wired

When it’s all about tech then all clicks lead to Wired. Wired is an online magazine that focuses on discussing the technological advances happening day by day and how this affect business, lifestyle, culture, economy and politics. Wired is a product of Condé Nast Publications, one of the top print and online publications in the world today. It now covers topics about business, culture, design, gear, science, security and transportation.

  1. Refinery 29

Refinery 29 is one of the fastest emerging content producers in fashion and style today. This website focuses on fashion, beauty and style but is laid out in a newsletter format. The design, tone, mood and style of Refinery 29 is very New York-inspired – vibrant, trendy and fierce. Refinery 29 is divided in 6 sections: fashion, beauty, living, entertainment, how to and news.

  1. UpWorthy

Upworthy is all about purpose. This high-traffic website discusses anything and everything there is in the world today but positions every angle of the stories published in an angle where it follows the mission of UpWorthy to “change what the world pays attention to”. This content-heavy site uses its virality to forefront political and societal issues among topics that start discussions anywhere in the world today.

As of today, there are more and more content-heavy websites that are emerging in the dot-com bubble. You’ll never know what kind of reads you can stumble upon – a new discovery, a relevant issue that needs our united attention, a trend to enjoy or an innovation that will blow your mind. You surely don’t want to miss out on that, right?

So, indulge in these must-visit content-heavy websites and bookmark it to your reading list!

Keep scrolling and exploring!